50 Campground Games for Kids, Toddlers,Teens, Adults, and Seniors

Ready to head out into the great outdoors? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life is something to look forward to.

Everyone needs to destress and taking a weekend camping trip is one of the best ways to let it all go for a bit and escape back to simpler times and build memories. You have your tent and outdoor stove all situated. But what are you going to do during your weekend retreat?

Camping is fun whether you are solo camping or taking your family into the woods for some fun and excitement. However, there is only so much that the woods can offer in terms of excitement. Fishing and hiking are fantastic. Don't get us wrong. Mudruckr is built on the enjoyment of hiking and rucking.

We have put together this list of activities that you can enjoy while camping. We looked back to our favorite memories from when we were camping and wanted to create an article to revive some of these great times and add a few activities we thought would be fun.

Our hope is by the end of this article you can make a list of your own and get out there and create some memories you and your children will cherish.

50 Camp Games

50 Campground Games and Activities

Giant Yard Games

Games are fun, but giant games are bigger fun. Bringing along a giant sized game is an exciting way to create some campground memories. These games are made to be played outdoors and are perfect for that weekend getaway.

Giant Yard Pong

Its giant beer pong! Yard pong or bucketball is a fantastic game to bring to the campsite. A great thing about playing giant beer pong is you don't have to worry about the small cups blowing away in the wind or setting a table up on uneven ground.

This game doesn't have to involve alcohol in fact there are actual rules to bucketball that you can look at. This is a fun activity for adult and kids. 

Giant Tic Tac Toe

A giant take on a classic game. Giant tic tac toe boards are available on Amazon or you can easily make your own by following this guide we found.

Giant Checkers

Giant checkers were always fun to play when we were kids. Roll out a giant boards and set up a game. There is something more fun to a game when you are not sitting inside the tent and playing. Afterall, you didn't go camping to sit inside a tent did you?

This is also a great way to teach children the game.

Giant Jenga Blocks

Yup, giant jenga. Games can be huge and nerve racking. You ever play a game where the tower is stacked up almost as high as you are tall? This is another classic game gigantified and perfect for the campground.

You can play this yourself, but it is always better with more people. This game is great as a family activity.

However, if you are all adults why not add a little more fun of the Jello Shot variety? Checkout Tipsy Topple for an adult twist on a classic game.

Giant Connect Four

Do you remember those Connect 4 commercials. Who would have thought it would be a great camp game.

Camp Games For Children And Toddlers

Giant Bubble Wands

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit: (3-Piece Set) | Incl. Wand, Big Bubble Concentrate and Tips & Trick Booklet | Outdoor Toy for Kids, Boys, Girls | Bubbles Made in The USA (Kit)

Bubbles are always a hit with kids and toddlers. Think about how mesmerized you were if you can. Bubbles are simple fun that is easy to do. You can find a Giant Bubble Wand online at Amazon or in any brick and mortar toy store.

But if you want to have the biggest and best bubbles you are going to want to add the best bubble soap to your list of things to make.

Flying Kites

Lets go fly a kite! You are going to be outdoors, maybe your chosen campground has a nice open field. When I was a child I loved flying a kites. Sure it was frustrating to get it up there, a lot of mine crashed.

But, man, once I got one flying I was nothing but smiles.

Kite flying is old. Like BCE old. People have been flying kites for recreation and even military use since the the Han dynasty in China in 206 BCE (source).

If you are feeling adventurous you could even stage a kite fight. The participants get their kites in the air and try and bring everyone else's down by running their kite into theirs. Last kite flying wins.

Red Light, Green Light

This classic playground game is great at the campsite as well. Red light, green light's rules are simple. The players are lined up and then one person is the traffic cop. They stand some distance away from the lined up participants.

The traffic cop's job is to yell green light and red light. On green light the participants run toward the traffic cop and when he says red light they have to stop.

If anyone is still moving after red light is called they have to go back to the starting line. The winner is the first person to make it to the traffic cop. Easy fun for a bunch of young kids.

Simon Says

Another great game to play is Simon says. We all know simon says. Everyone has to do what simon says or they are out. However, Simon says has a number of cognitive benefits for small children.

Simon says is great for helping to develop motor skills, teaches children how to listen to direction, and many other benefits. Here is an article on the benefits of playing Simon Says with your kids that you might find interesting if you want to know more.

Wobbly Worm

I didn't want to mention ring toss and Wobbly Worm as seperate games. They are both the same game only Wobbly Worm here adds a new measure of difficulty and fun for children.

Set this game up and the worm wobbles around while the participants try and toss rings over it. This version of ring toss will keep your kids interested and who knows maybe you as well.

Paddle Catch

Paddle catch is perfect for smaller children. This game teaches them hand eye coordination and I always thought of it as the first steps to learning proper catch. This game can be played with as many people as you have mitts for.

The premise is simple. The ball is covered in velcro and so is the paddle. You toss the ball back and forth and catch it on the paddle. 

This is a great camp game because its best played outside and all it requires is an open space. So if your campsite is set up in a clearing then you have all you need to play catch.

Duck Duck Goose

Another classic playground game that is great for camp. Duck Duck Goose requires a group of children and is great for multi family camping trips or family reunions.

The participants sit in a circle and the person that is it taps everyone on the head while saying duck. Then when they touch the someone on the head and yell goose that person has to get up and chase the the person.

The object of the game is to tag them before they go all the way around the circle and sit in the person's spot. If they fail, they are now is and the game begins again.

This makes a great camp game because it teaches sportsmanship and reaction skills.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to introduce your kids to nature. This does require some supervision and the children should be old enough to understand what plants they can and can't touch.

Nothing will ruin a camping trip faster than poison ivy. We almost didn't include this activity because of it. However, a scavenger hunt is best done when it is set up ahead of time.

This might take some pre planning on yourself. Each child is given a list of things to find. A stick with leaves, stick without leaves, certain rocks, etc.

The list is up to you, but things that should be avoided are insects and mushrooms. Some insects can sting, and certain mushrooms are poisonous. 

When planning a scavenger part, you should walk the area you plan on having it and check for hazards.

Why No Hiding Games?

We do not think hiding games are the best fit for campground activities. The problem is, there are too many places to hide. Unfamiliar terrain can be easy to get lost in.

Think about how many crime drama episodes start with someone being lost in the woods.

We obviously can't stop you from playing hide and seek in the woods, so if you do it do it safe. Have a plan and a game over word to let everyone know to stop hiding.

Tag And Related Games

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag's rules are simple. Most of your reading this probably already know that. A group of people run around and try and avoid who is IT. If the persont hat is it tags a person they are now frozen.

Once the person that is IT freezes everyone the game is over and the last person frozen is now IT. This can be played with as little as 4 people but this game is best played with larger groups.

Shadow Tag

Freeze tag with a special rule set. IT can now also tag the persons shadow to freeze them. This adds a new dimension to the game.

TV or Movie Tag

This is freeze tag with a new rule. If a person is about to be tagged they can shout out a movie or tv show and the person who is it has to stop for 5 or 10 seconds to let the person get away.

The trick here is if a movie or show title is used it can be used again that game. Not only is this a fun twist on freeze tag but it also helps develop memory skills.

Capture the Flag

This version of tag requires some prep work. You will need two flags and two places to act as a fort. The participants are divided up into teams and the object is to capture the other teams flag without getting tagged by the opposite team.

If a person is a tagged they are now captured and considered out. The winning team is the first team to bring the enemy flag back to their base.

This game is going to need a lot of space, and adults ashould always walk through the play area to make sure there aren't any hazards that could injure someone.

We will discuss things like Laser Tag later in this article, but we will say that capture the flag doesn't only need to be a tag game. It is a classic game mode for airsoft, and other games that involve shooting. You could arm everyone with Nerf Guns and go nuts.


Relay Race

You know what is great about camping? Many people camp within state or federal parks. Do you know what those have? Trails. This is a fun way to introduce people trail running. This works great for kids. 

We would recommend setting up your trail relay race on the smoothest possible trail. Many parks have their trails ranked by difficulty, chose the lowest one.

Egg and Spoon Race

This is classic race that not only rewards speed but coordination. The Egg and Spoon race is a simple race. You set up a starting line and a finish line. The twist in this race is the win condition.

To win this race not only do you have to cross the finish line first, but you have to do so with your egg still intact. The race participants balance an egg on the end of a spoon and then try to make it to the finish line before others.

Run to fast and your egg will fall. This activity teaches kids the importance of balance and a steady pace. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins this race.

Paper Race

A paper race is a standard race. However, to win you need to cross the line with a sheet of paper.

This sheet of paper is held to the participants chest and then when they sprint they have to let go of the paper and use their speed to hold the paper to their chest.

Potato Sack Race

The classic potato sack race. Everyone hops into a potato sack then hop their way to the finish line.

This is a great race idea for adults and children alike. 

Three legged race

This is a race that focuses on cooperation. Two participants have their legs tied together and have to work together to defeat the other racers.

Games With Frisbees

Frisbees are a must for a camping trip. Hell, a frisbee is great for every outdoor occasion. This simple flying disc has spawned everything from a simple catch game, to ultimate frisbee and even frisbee golf.


Frisbee the game is named after the disc you play the game with. This is the simple joy of tossing the frisbee back and forth with a friend, spouse, or child.

This is essentially playing catch.

Disc Golf

Also known as frisbee golf is played exactly how it sounds. You have your frisbee and then buckets that are the holes. The object is to complete the course in as few tries as possible.

WENJIAN Disc Golf Starter Set with 6 Discs-2 PCS Driver, 2 PCS Mid Range, 2 PCS Putter, Include Starter Disc Golf Carry Bag

Disc golf is a popular past time and many parks you can camp at will have a disc golf course. You will just need to bring your own Disc Golf Discs. For camp sites that do not have a disc golf course there is the option to bring your own targets and set up your own courses.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

These targets can be easily set up and moved around and allow you to make a custom course in and around your camping area. An added bonus of purchasing your targets is you can practice at home as well as at the campsite. Who knows, you might find yourself a new favorite hobby.

Ultimate Frisbee

Take the sport of soccer and mix it with basketball. Instead of a ball you have a frisbee disc. That's the short version of how to play Ultimate Frisbee. The field is divided much like a soccer field and the object is to move the frisbee from one end zone to the other.

Ultimate field

The trick is once you have the frisbee you can no long run. You must keep one foot planted at all times and throw the disc to another member of your team. This is a great family activity but it really shines with large groups of people and a large open field.

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc

Kan Jam is an amazing party game. We have a lot of fun with this. Teams of two toss the disc at each other. One person throws the frisbee the other tries to deflect it into the can for points.

The goal is to be the first team to reach 21 points. However, if you can throw the disk into the slot of the target you instantly win the game.

This is a great camp game, due to the amount of open space you have available you can set this game up quick and easy, and its relatively easy to transport.

There are off brand versions of this game that feature collapsable targets such as Disc Slam. These would be easy to store and not take up much room if you are concerned about space. My only concern is a moderate wind interfering with play.

Ball Games

Ball games are some of the simplest campground games that you can play. A large amount of campgrounds have fields that are perfect. Some even have dedicated spaces for these activities.


Also called the American pastime, baseball is easily played while camping. You do not even need a baseball field. Just grab some mits, a bat and some baseballs. Use something to mark of the bases (this can even be a bottle) and you are good to go.

Wiffle Ball

The problem with baseball is that if you hammer the ball you will have to go find it. On a ball field that is not normally a problem. However, what if you are at the campsite. Uncle Rodger nails the ball and it goes sailing off into the woods.

This is usually not as much of a problem with wiffleball. This variant on baseball is played with a plastic bat and ball. This becomes a much more manageable game. In fact its fun just to go outside and smash around a wiffle ball for a bit.


Football can be played so many ways. Full contact, two hand touch, and flag football are some of the common types of playing methods. You can follow the basic rules of football or modify them for the campsite.

Two hand touch is a popular variant of football. Essentially the game is played as normal however if a person is touched with both hands then they are down as if they were tackled. This is the cheapest way to play as you only need a football and a field.

Flag football is another popular way to play this game. Each player has flags attached to them and are considered down if one of their flags are snatached.


The most popular game in the world. All you need is a soccer ball and some goals. The rules for soccer are very simple and can even be played with just two people each trying to score on the other.

Campgrounds have large fields that would be perfect for this activity.


Does your campground have a baseball diamond? Then you can play kickball with your family and friends. The rules are basically the same as baseball and this is a popular activity during PE in many schools.

All you need is a field and a kickball and you are good to go. Players are tagged out if they are touched with the ball just like in baseball. This is a fun family friendly variant on America's summer pastime.


Spikeball is perhaps the best portable ball game you have never heard of. This game is played casually and at a competitive level. The rules are simple. Each team starts on one side of the net.

After the ball is served off the net then the opposite team can hit the ball in the air a maximum of three times before they have to spike it on the net to the other team. The object being to spike the ball in a manner that causes the other team to miss.

Here is the catch. After the ball is served then there are no boundaries around the net and the game is played in a 360 degree format. This is a wildly fun game that can set up at smaller camp ground and just requires a moderately large play space.

Throwing Games

Throwing games have been a staple of campground games since I can remember. One of the activities my father always took part in during our family camping trips was playing horseshoes. Since then there are tons of throwing games that are perfect for your camping trip.


No camping trip (or tailgate) seems complete without the game of cornhole. This game is simple to set up and easy to play. Simply toss the bean bags at the opposing board. If the bag goes through the hole you get three points. If the it lands on the board you get one point.

He is a full explanation on how to play cornhole.

Cornhole boards can either be made yourself or purchased. Check out Home Depot's guide on making a custom board. If you want to see some nice custom cornhole boards we recommend Tailgating Pros. They make high quality boards as well as other games perfect for the campsite.

Ramp Shot

Rampshot is inspired by cornhole and adds an exciting factor onto the game. In Rampshot you have more teamwork incentives then in cornhole. In order to score you either have to make it into the net for 3 points or if you miss the net your teammate has to catch the ball and place it in the net for 1 point.

However, the opposing team can also try and steal the shot if it hits the ramp and bounces back. A successful steal means the opposite team gets an extra shot during their turn. The round ends when all 4 balls are in the net. First team to exactly 15 wins the game.

This video from Rampshot explains the game in full detail.

Bulzi Bucket

Take hacky sack and mix it with corn hole and you have Bulzi Bucket. This game is easy to transport and quick to learn. It makes a great campsite game. This game can be played like any toss game.

You land your hacky sack into the bucket to score points. Bottom bucket is 1, second bucket is 2, and third is 3 points. The players continue playing until the first team reaches at least 21 points while winning by 2 or more points.

There are also multiple ways to play. Standard as above, assists and hack it. Assist means that your partner can hack the sack into the bucket if you miss. They just cant use their hands. With hack it, you toss the bag to your partner and they have to hack it at least 2 times before trying to get it into the bucket.

I like this game because of its portability. You can literally set up and take down anywhere and within minutes.


Horseshoes is another classic game practically made for the campground. This was a popular game at our family reunions and is a game that always makes for a fun casual game best played with some buddies and some beer.

Most people simply use the Official Pro League Rules Set, but it's your campground, feel free to modify them or make your own.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a simple game to set up It is literally just the bocce balls and the jack. It can be played anywhere you have enough space and is fun for up to 4 players. This is a fun family game that can be played in the backyard or campsite. 

The only requirement is a open play area. The rules for bocce ball are simple and easy to learn. This is one of the number one backyard games for a reason and would make a great edition to a campsite as well.

Shooting Games

Shooting games are some of the most fun that I had growing up. Shooting games teach children hand eye coordination and teamwork. 

Laser Tag

Laser tag lends itself to all sorts of fun games. You can play team on team, free for all, and other games. Laser tag is fun for adults and children and teaches hand eye coordination. 

Here is a fun idea. Play Capture the flag as we discussed before, but now use laser tag or the below nerf blasters instead of tagging.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are a viable alternative to laser tag and is included on this list for all of the reasons we think lazer tag is a great camp ground game. Nerf guns also have the added benefit that they do not need to belong to a set to function.

All you need are the right darts. Families can also build up a nerf gun collection over time. 


Archery is a classic camp site activity. Many campers are also hunters and we think passing on those archery skills not only can help teach accuracy but can also can be a bonding experience between parents and their children.

Casual/ Non-Competitive Games

Golf With Net

Golf Practice Net for Backyard Golf Hitting Nets Golf Net Practice Golf Net Indoor Outdoor Driving Range 8x7x7FT with Carry Bag and Target

Setting up a Personal Driving Range while on the campsite is a great way to enjoy your weekend getaway and still improve on that handicap. When looking for a golf net we would recommend that you look for a net that is easy to take down and set up.

Glow in Dark Sword fighting

Glow Battle is a great way to end a day on the campsite. This is not just glow in the dark foam swords. Glow battle is a full featured game that is fun for the entire family. 

Starlux Games Glow Battle: A Ninja Game with Glow-in-The-Dark Foam Swords

Simply set up your "Dojo's" and battle it out for camp ground supremacy. This game is great for team building.

Glow games go great at camp sites. The lack of city lights really lends to the glow battle experience and this is why we think this could be a great and cost effective camp game.


You are probably wondering WTF is slacklining. Slacklining is like tight rope walking but much lower to the ground and with a wider line. This is a great activity to work on balance.

Slackline kits typically come with the line and ratchet straps. This makes it very easy to set up. All you would need is a couple of strong trees. If you are camping out in the woods then you would have plenty of trees to choose from.

Slacklining is a learned skill, and you should be careful when starting out. Start out with your line at about knee hight and don't use trees that are too far apart. It is probably a good idea to take down your slack line at night as well so no one trips over it.

Water  Games

Before we discuss water games to play while camping we would like to make a special statement. Please DO NOT bring water balloons with you while camping. It is virtually impossible to pick up every piece of rubber left when they pop.

Wild animals do not know what it is and may try and eat water balloon scraps. This could kill them, just like it could kill your family pet. Please keep nature beautiful.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is hide and seek in the water. The person that is it shouts Marco and the rest shout polo. The trick is the person that is it has their eyes closed. So they then have to tag the other players out. The last person tagged out becomes it for the next round.

Squirt Gun Fight

Squirt Guns were always a camp staple for me during the summer. It is just good clean fun. We would recommend bringing filtered water. Don't use lake water that is full of bacteria and and microorganisms. It is a recipe for pink eye.

Other Great Camp Games



Tug of War


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